Who is Kukileaf

Kukileaf is home to my kooky creations providing a means to focus my creativity and to share the results. I’ve been drawing, painting and making things for as long as I can remember. My style is evolving all the time. My preferred method of creating is very fluid and I enjoy tapping into what’s around me and seeing where the inspiration takes me. I love what I’m doing now as it allows me to follow that childlike awe and essentially rediscover ‘play’ as a means to create.

I’m fascinated by where we find inspiration especially when going beyond what’s there and discovering something new. My art allows me to explore what is possible and push boundaries. I’ve never been one for walking the well trodden path. I love exploring in life and in art. They very much feed off each other.

I was born in Melbourne Australia and grew up in Australia, Germany and the UK. I’ve since returned home and put down roots.

My current style incorporates photography and illustration into digital art. I flow from digital to paper and back again lots throughout my process. Each style tends to influence and inspire the elements until a final piece is produced. Often time I even take parts of a finished piece and rework it into something else again. So a photo may inspire a drawing that is then digitised and manipulated into a creature of which a section may inspire a pattern design that may end up as another creature further down the line.

My inspiration comes from the natural world as well as the urban streets around me. When I’m out and abut my phone is always on hand to capture whatever resonates at the time and serve as inspiration for my art.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and hope you enjoy exploring my art and how it came about.


P. S. I’ll work on locating/taking a non-fuzzy photo of me that I like one day…