Opposites attract! Blending a fiery sunset & a pretty rose

I find it fascinating what you can create with a couple of photos. In the coming posts, I hope to start documenting aspects of my inspiration and process. I hope by showing the images I start with you too will begin to see the magic.

For this piece I gathered some photos of a fiery sunset sky, a beautiful rose and tree bark. I think there is something magical about combining very different shapes and textures to produce a final work of art. For instance, take a look at the images below. Can you see how they came together to create the final works?

To create the finished works I blended the above images many times. Now because of the intuitive way I work some of the creative process is lost even to me. Thankfully I was able to piece my inspiration back together again here.

The image that resulted appears to have an eye and an ear. Can you see it?

Testing my theory I mirrored the image and a feline creature emerged from the smokey rose. Did you see the stirrings of a creature above? If not, can you see what I mean in the image below?

Still lost? Or, are you fascinated to see more? Well you can find more curious symmetrical creatures in my gallery. See if you can tell what went into creating them?

Exploring my creative ‘why’?

Growing up in different countries it was necessary to ‘fit in’ in order to survive. Why am I telling you this? Because I became a fantastic chameleon. The challenge for me therefore has always been to find the real me. 

Birth and rebirth

A real turning point came with the birth of my daughter. People talk about the ‘great shattering’ of self that giving birth can be for many mothers. I’m not sure I’ve met anyone this hasn’t been the case for.

A few days post birth I suffered an allergic reaction to the drugs administered during childbirth. I awoke from a Groundhog Day version of the Matrix to find myself in an unknown emergency room with an extremely shaky grasp on reality. Anyone who views my work will likely find obvious elements of this experience throughout.

New normal

Life quickly returned to the new ‘normal’ as a mother to a newborn. The process of rediscovering, or perhaps it is better to say finding myself, was slower. Although I’ve always been creative this experience is the initial turning point that unstoppered something in me that I’m still fully defining. I’ve finally been able to channel a constant stream of creative inspiration and I’m producing works that make my elusive true self really excited. 

Big shoes to fill

The people I most admire in life are those that understand and live their truth. This has always been something I’ve strived for. The rewards I feel are worth the effort and the choice is more an inescapable need. 

So as I grow to understand myself better I’m beginning to grasp my motivation or ‘why’ more and more. Curiosity and mystery certainly inspire my art practice at present.

Knowing what you love

I’m also a sensitive soul so there are equal measures of escapism and fantasy running through my work. The calming blues and greens of the natural world and understanding how our world operates has always been deeply fascinating to me. When you view my work I think all these elements will jump out too.

How this all reflects in my work

What I call dreamscapes are in many ways a representation of the struggle between escapism and insight. The imagery produced through layer upon layer of photos invites you to dive deep and explore. 

You can find a sense of mystery and discovery through mirrored images and photos. Looking at things from a new perspective I hope encourages the viewer to reflect and explore new possibilities

Finding a sense of calm

For me, as I dissect shapes and forms and produce patterns I seek order, a sense of calm and if I’m lucky understanding. I hope to convey this to you the viewer in the geometric and seamless repeating patterns I create.

Creating with purpose

As I work, I hope to retain the sense of escapism, mystery and curiosity I encounter through the creative process and that this translates to you the viewer.

If you enjoyed the images in this post head over to my gallery to explore more of my work. Alternatively, if like me, you would like to keep a visual reminder with you to evoke escapism, mystery and curiosity head to my partner shops to find what takes your fancy.

The making of a river monster

Gain some insight into my creative process with this quick run down on the making of a river monster.

STEP 1 | Take an intriguing tree root:

STEP 2 | Mirror it:

STEP 3 | Add some river water:

then a little magic… (well some tracing and image manipulation later)

STEP 4 | & ‘poof’ a river monster is born:

Now who fancies a swim in the Yarra River?!? Check out more curious and symmetrical creations in my gallery. Want to intrigue your friends and unnerve the general public head over to my partner shops.