Opposites attract! Blending a fiery sunset & a pretty rose

I find it fascinating what you can create with a couple of photos. In the coming posts, I hope to start documenting aspects of my inspiration and process. I hope by showing the images I start with you too will begin to see the magic.

For this piece I gathered some photos of a fiery sunset sky, a beautiful rose and tree bark. I think there is something magical about combining very different shapes and textures to produce a final work of art. For instance, take a look at the images below. Can you see how they came together to create the final works?

To create the finished works I blended the above images many times. Now because of the intuitive way I work some of the creative process is lost even to me. Thankfully I was able to piece my inspiration back together again here.

The image that resulted appears to have an eye and an ear. Can you see it?

Testing my theory I mirrored the image and a feline creature emerged from the smokey rose. Did you see the stirrings of a creature above? If not, can you see what I mean in the image below?

Still lost? Or, are you fascinated to see more? Well you can find more curious symmetrical creatures in my gallery. See if you can tell what went into creating them?

The making of a river monster

Gain some insight into my creative process with this quick run down on the making of a river monster.

STEP 1 | Take an intriguing tree root:

STEP 2 | Mirror it:

STEP 3 | Add some river water:

then a little magic… (well some tracing and image manipulation later)

STEP 4 | & ‘poof’ a river monster is born:

Now who fancies a swim in the Yarra River?!? Check out more curious and symmetrical creations in my gallery. Want to intrigue your friends and unnerve the general public head over to my partner shops.