Sophie Digard

“An unexpected encounter that lead to discovering the designs of Sophie Digard”


sophie digard - h3409LYS-purple

An almost dead mobile phone battery and embracing ‘being in the moment’ lead me to discover the designs of Sophie Digard. A woman opposite me on a Melbourne tram heading into the CBD was wearing a lovely example of Sophie’s work. I was intrigued after I realised the beautiful scarf was probably the finest crochet I’ve ever seen.
I got chatting to the woman on the tram and learnt the scarf was designed by Sophie Digard. After some googling I noticed I’m certainly not alone in loving Sophie’s designs. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that Sophie appears to commission Bosnian Handicrafts to produce her designs. Bosnian Handicrafts trains and employs female refugees displaced by the Bosnian war.
Sophie Digard is hard to track down which is surprising in a modern world where everyone seems to have a web presence. Here are some of my favourite links I discovered whilst searching for the allusive Sophie:
I hope you enjoy her inspiring work as much as I have and if someone can point me to her website or more details about Sophie Digard I would love to hear from you.

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