Duck Feet Booties – free sewing pattern

“still infant sized … for now … adult sized pattern coming soon”



(Photo – Booties modelled by Optimus in absence of a little person. I’ll post pictures of finished booties on friend’s baby soon.)
I’ve been wanting to create a pattern in a format that others can hopefully follow for some time now. My mission over the Easter long weekend was to take the knitted duck feet bootie design idea and turn it into a sewing pattern. It has been a super enjoyable process and I really hope you all enjoy the result.
The pattern is freely available for non-commercial use so have fun crafting. I only ask you follow the sharing instructions I’ve included in the pdf.
So without further ado you can download the pattern by clicking on the image below:


The fabric I used is a viscose mix I believe as I couldn’t locate felt in a good colour. Felt would work really well though and would make seams much easier to finish nicely.
As for embellishments, we (myself and friends) felt the booties were good as they were but you could embellish them further. I had initially considered adding stitching to show webbing. I also briefly day dreamed about making felt from scratch to ensure I got the texture and colour just so (something I’ve done before and the texture would be amazing but it does take a lot of time).
Please let me know your feedback on the pattern and send me pics of what you create.

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