An evening of craftiness

“handmade presents”

I usually consider my main craftiness to lie in the realm of sewing and textiles. This weekend though I had a friend’s birthday to attend and the jewelry making bug got me. I got to making while inspiration was high and here is what I made:
evening of craftiness_earrings
evening of craftiness_bracelet
Hardly any tools or space are required making this a great portable project. Although (based on the amount of small beads that were lost in the shag pile carpet I was sitting on whilst making these) I would advise a bowl or tray to work over.

Tools & supplies used


evening of craftiness_tools

  • round nosed pliers
  • wire cutters
  • stretch cord for bracelet (thickness and colour will depend on the project you are working on – the thicker the cord the stronger the bracelet but the larger the hole in the beads needs to be)
  • earring findings (style to suit you. would work equally well for non-pieced earring clasps)
  • selection of beads – variety of colours and sizes
  • aluminum crimps (check out your local fishing supplies store – I find crimps great as they seem to hold more securely than many other methods I’ve tried for elasticated bracelets and it’s quick and easy)
  • head pin and eye pin findings – I used a selection for the earring design
It turns out my friend had indicated to her family she would appreciate jewelry for her birthday. Seems I was on the right wavelength when I got that buzz of inspiration and was glad the earrings and bracelet were well received.

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2 thoughts on “An evening of craftiness

  1. Very intriguing. I used to make wire jewelry way back and now I always have a soft spot for it when I see a tutorial being posted somewhere. 🙂 I love the deep emerald color of the beads.

    • Thank you 🙂 it’s a fun technique and can be surprisingly simple. I love making jewellery but it does tend to be more of a sideline craft for me.

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