Super Sweet Blogging Award

I have been nominated for the Super Sweet Blogging Award!

Susan Delphine Delaney of nominated me. Thank you so much Susan!!! I’m really touched. I’m glad you are enjoying the “beauty and craft inspiration I bring to the world”.


To accept the award I have to do five things:
  1. Thank Susan for nominating me
  2. Answer 5 Super Sweet questions
  3. Include the Super Sweet logo in this post. You see it above
  4. Nominate a baker’s dozen of bloggers for this award
  5. Notify my nominees on their blogs
Here are the Super Sweet questions:
  1. Cookies or Cake??? tricky one…depends on my mood. Cookies if it is a small snack with tea or coffee. Cake if I feel inclined to skip a meal and just indulge in dessert (I highly recommend going out and just having dessert)
  2. Chocolate or Vanilla? Another tricky one…probably vanilla (the fresh vanilla bean kind – yum)
  3. Favorite Sweet Treat? Recently I’m really loving Lindt white chocolate balls
  4. When Do You Crave Sweets?  All the time! How could I possible pick only one time of day??
  5. Sweet Nickname? Moppy (because my hair looked like a mop when I was little)
Now for my nominees:
  1. Lady Flowers by Susan
  2. Ski Daddy
  3. Crochet Concupiscence
  4. Adison Madison
  5. Pangaweka
  6. Crafty Minx
  7. Wiley Schmidt
  8. Pig Love
  9. What the ducks
  10. Alison Gwen
  11. Raxa Collective
  12. I feel crafty
  13. Bird Cage Design

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3 thoughts on “Super Sweet Blogging Award

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