Dragon’s Loyalty Award

I was extremely excited recently to be nominated for the ‘Dragon’s Loyalty Award’ by Crafty Minx. Thank you so much. It really means a lot to be nominated. I love reading about her adventures and misadventures in crafts with her two mini men.


I understand this award goes to loyal followers of your blog and/or the blogs you loyally follow. What a great idea!
We all shape and construct our blogs for a variety of reasons. The act of posting online can seem initially like writing a message in a bottle. You’re not sure who will read it but you have taken the time to share your thoughts, ideas, photos and the like with the world.
Those who read and comment on our blogs encourage and inspire us, as do the blogs we read and comment on. A big thank you to readers and bloggers alike.

In keeping with the tradition of this award, I have to:

  • Display the award certificate in this post (tick)
  • Announce the win and link back to the person who nominated me (tick – thanks again Crafty Minx)
  • Present the award to another 15 nominees and notify them in their main pages about their nominations (see list below)
  • Post seven interesting things about me/my blog (see my list towards the end of this post…)

My Nominations

It is hard to put together a list of only 15. There are so many great blogs and bloggers. Here is my list in this moment. Tomorrow it may have been different. They are a mix of the early supporters of my fledgling blog and those bloggers I loyally follow.

7 Interesting things about me/my blog

  1. Writing this blog makes me more productive. I’ve started and finished more craft projects in the last 3 months than I probably did all last year.
  2. My ‘kuki’ crafting inspires productiveness in the rest of my life too.
  3. The background image on my blog is a closeup photo of a blanket my Gran made for me. Crafting certainly runs in our family. Both my grandmothers taught me many things that have remained with me even though they are no longer with us. My mum and aunt create and craft as well and over the years we have enjoyed sharing the results with one another. And not to forget the boys who’s ‘making’ is just as crafty in my mind. then there is the extended family…
  4. I’m really starting to realise just how much of a big kid I am. I have visions of making as many toys as I can with more and more of my own designs. When I have too many I may have to accept I will have to sell some. Maybe…
  5. I still own and wear shoes in all colours though I now wear a somewhat larger size.
  6. I suspect animals would make good consumers if only they had a say in house hold spending. Monty very much still loves his monkey!
  7. I feel I’ve only really just got started with this blog so I’m leaving this one last ‘interesting thing’ open for the future…watch this space.

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4 thoughts on “Dragon’s Loyalty Award

  1. Hi Kukileaf, thank you for your nomination! The Little Fingers Big Art blog has already been nominated for this award but I appreciate the thought! Hope we can continue inspiring you to check our blog for crafty ideas!

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