Making themselves at home

“on growing a personality”



When constructing toys I find that as soon as I add the stuffing they seem to come alive. They go from being merely pieces of fabric to a constructed three dimensional character that takes on a personality of their own. This part of the process is probably my favourite.
Once constructed they can begin to settle in. Amusingly, I’ve noted that the monkey seems to end up slouched pushing the others about. My steam punk character, named Marmoo*, frequently ends up falling off his perch.
The big kid in me loves finding the stories.
*The design for the steam punk character was a combination of characteristics of a marmoot and a moorhen. The name coming from a combination of his origins. Only later did I realise that Marmoo is the name for the aboriginal god of evil! I like to think of him as misunderstood and most certainly not evil. The colour choice of the design was also chosen before I knew of this connection but interestingly despite it being unintentional also mirrors the look and feel of the Aboriginal god somewhat. Marmoo’s unintentional associations may play a role in him being pushed off the couch…

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