Inspiration despite moving, renovating, new job and patchy Internet connection

“getting back on track and some inspiration along the way”

So it’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to post anything. Moving, renovations, a new job and patchy Internet access have been conspiring against me when it comes to getting time for anything craft related.
My craft materials are all still packed away but I’ve had some time to keep an eye out for inspiration.
Whilst reading the latest copy of uppercase I came across Trent Jansen’s work and was especially taken with the ‘Briggs Family Tea Service 2011’:

Source: Trent Jansen

As an Australian the story behind the pieces was compelling but the mixing of two very different cultural styles to produce entirely new pieces inspired me the most. I’ve always been especially interested in the crafts of indigenous people and how we are loosing skills once thought essential to existence. I look to forgotten techniques when I can to incorporate into my work so these pieces were especially inspiring.
Well I hope you all enjoy exploring the story and pieces. I hope from now to post more regularly again on so watch this space.
Coming soon: I also hope to finish the robot toy pattern I’ve had in the work in progress stage for too long…

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