A little monster

“So many hours of cooking fun”


A little birdie told me the cutest almost two yr old was getting a toy kitchen for her birthday. A little further investigation determined she didn’t have an apron to help in her cooking adventures.

With a little searching I stumbled onto this monster apron design. Some more searching found this pattern by Still Dottie. I reduced the size by a third and adapted the rest from there to create this fun monster apron.





A labbit habitat

“A bit of fun decorating”



With renovations more done than not I now get to think about crafts again. Gone is the worst of the mess and now the treasured items are starting to be unearthed.
Some time back I came across labbits and loved them instantly, much to my partners amusement. I kept buying them until finally I got the pink bubble blowing one I was after.
Then on a date night out I saw some fabulous vintage pool table triangles and it struck me how great they would be as a way to display items. A random photo later (which I can easily change – I’m still determining if I like the current one but it is fun to try for now) and the labbits have a little habitat!